In OnCourse you have the power to send emails, make calls, take notes, save attachments, and send text messages to an account all in one place like never before.

From any Account Details screen you can communications of your choosing to contacts saved in the account. Simply select the desired communication from the sub-nav menu on the right and click the action to generate the corresponding action menu.

Clicking on the email icon will enable you to send emails. You can either send it immediately or schedule it according to your needs.

Clicking on the call icon allows you make a call to any number you enter and will log the call history to the account. Alternatively if you have saved contact data in the account and click the phone number quick action button on the contact you will automatically dial out to the saved primary number. 

For sending SMS click the SMS icon

The notes icon will allow you to generate notes.

Attachments icon will let you drag and drop files or navigate file folders for the account. 

Historical communication items may be deleted based on permissions tied to your user level. The ability to leverage certain functions may also be limited by the user level permissions set by your admin.