Adding a new opportunity into OnCourse is easy.

Opportunities can be added in multiple locations within OnCourse. Opportunities can be added in the account details screen and the opportunities sub menu. When entering the details to an opportunity the default fields illustrated below will be available. 

The definition and function of the default fields for opportunities are as follows:

Status of an opportunity will correspond to the stage in which the opportunity is represented within a pipeline. 

Occurrence is defined as the recurrence of the charges for the opportunity

  • One time - a charge that will only occur once within a given month

  • Monthly - a monthly charge that will reoccur in perpetuity 

  • Annually - a one time charge that will apply annually

Value - Lets you add the financial details.

Estimated close date is the anticipated date of deal execution; this will also be factored into reports calculations.

Contact - Typically the primary contact for the opportunity at the account; selected from available contacts saved on the account. 

User - Allows tasks to be associated with the opportunity and tied to a user. Can be the same user you assigned the task to, if needed you can switch to a different user to follow up on the deal.

Next Step - A section for a brief summary that will display in the deal and will display on the card view.