The first account from your organization that is setup in OnCourse will have admin privileges across the entire application. Default admin privileges cannot be modified.

The admin role can then create other roles and invite team members for the organization. 

  • There are no restrictions on the number of Admin users.

  • The admin can define and direct the roles of the team members.

Organization permissions are defined as follows

Bulk actions are defined as follows

Account permissions are defined as follows

Opportunities/Tasks/Activities are defined as follows

Click the plus icon right next to ‘Roles’ to create a new user. An admin can invite another member of the team

In the below example a role called 'sales associate' has been created 

  • New or existing users can then be assigned the role of 'Sales Associate"

  • Depending on the permissions you have set these users can be invited by the admin or similar users

Additional custom roles can be created and defined as your organization sees fit