There are multiple ways to make calls in OnCourse. 

After you have configured your OnCourse phone number in the settings menu calling out of OnCourse becomes fully functional.

Calling can be executed on any screen of the application thorough the top search bar by clicking the phone icon. The icon will open the calling dialogue box with your default account phone number and allow you to dial any number you wish including select international numbers.

Once a call is in process the call bar will open at the bottom of the screen allowing you to continue to navigate the application. The call bar will remain at the bottom of the screen until the call has ended.

Calling a Specific Account 

Calling can also be started on specific accounts by:

  • Clicking the call button in the account history actions menu
  • Clicking the stored number in the account details 

Calling from the Accounts History Menu

From the accounts history action menu in the sub-nav, clicking on the call icon will let you make calls to any manually typed in phone number. Calls from this menu in the account will be logged to the account.  

Calling from Contact menu in an Account

The fastest way to call in OnCourse is through the saved contact menu. If a contact has a saved phone number, simply click on the phone icon for that contact and the system will begin to dial out.  

Once a call has been competed the system will automatically prompt you to try to log the call

Logging a call means that the history of that call, call length and a short description will be appended to the associated account details. This prompt will be generated if the call was made from the top navigation bar or within the account details screen. All screens will contain the same log a call prompt shown below.

How to manually log a call

You can manually log a call which may have occurred outside of the system from the right menu drop down options as well as on the account details screen. The former option will allow you to search for the account you wish to log the call to.

Right top menu

Account Details Menu

Selecting the down arrow next to the phone in the account details sub navigation menu will generate the log a call box. 

Log a call dialogue box

This popup will be generated when a call occurs outside of the account detail screen.