Sequences allow you to systematically reach out to, followup with, and communicate with your accounts. Sequences in OnCourse are crazy powerful. 

Sequences are simply defined as a series of steps and tasks that will occur in a sequential order that you determine. Email, SMS, phone-calls and task types that you define can be executed in a sequential order that you define. 

To open your sequences menu navigate to and click the microphone on the left navigation.

The home navigation menu will allow you to:

  1. Create new sequences

  2. Activate and deactivate sequences

  3. View open, clicked, reply rates for active sequence

  4. Copy sequences

  5. Delete sequences

  6. Edit sequences

Additional actions:

  • Hovering over a sequence will show total communication numbers
  • Hovering over a sequence will reveal the menu to edit, delete, copy
  • The " . . . " menu item in the sub menu allows you to export sequence data.