Creating a sequence in OnCourse allows you scale your sales process and automate communication at scale

  1. Login to OnCourse and navigate to the sequences pages via the left menu.

  2. On the sequences page click the +sequence button to create a new sequence.

  3. On the Create New Sequences page your sub navigation menu will transform into the settings for your sequence

Building your sequence


  1. First - name your sequence - this is how you will identify the sequence in various menus to append and add contacts

  2. Second - select times to send your sequence - these are the times that the communications will automatically send to accounts. OnCourse's back-end automatically works to determine the best time to send within the selected time frame to improve open rates.

    Note: geographic time zones for sending your sequence will be determined by what you defined in your user profile settings

  3. Third - select the days you wish sequence steps to occur and send. The days selected will determine which days of the week tasks are generated and emails are sent. The green day indicates active, grey indicates inactive.

Sequence steps:

Sequences are a combination of steps that can encompass emails, phone calls, sms, manual tasks, linkedin outreach and more. Sequences can be customized to fit the sales process that works for your business and the outreach required by your sales team members and is ultimately tailored to your processes and customers.

Every sequence step consists of a maximum of five primary components.
1) A manual or automated task - determines if the task is manually executed by the user or is sent automatically by OnCourse
2) The task type - email, phone calls, sms, Linked-in connects, manual tasks and more
3) Template - pre-written communication that is dynamically used in a step
4) Immediacy of the task - will the task send immediately or based on a delay
5) Task delay (if any) - if a task is sending on delay how long is the delay? 

Mix and match task types, templates and other factors to build powerful sequences that help accelerate communication that works for your organization. After the first step is created you can add a new step for an unlimited number of custom steps.

The following screenshots illustrate the settings menus available when setting up a new sequence and the the general steps in setting up a sequence.

Choose automation type:

Choose content type of a manual step

Choose content type of an automated step

Chose send timing for a step

Templates selection menu for a step
Note: A new template can be generated during the process of creating a sequence so you do not need to navigate out of the sequences menu if you need to generate a new template.

Additional steps in a sequence will have the same menu structure and previous menu items will collapse into a condensed menu above the step. Steps can be edited by hovering over the completed step and clicking edit from the " . . . " menu.

You must save your sequence for it to become active. Once you save you will be returned to the sequences menu. 

Once your sequence is complete it will be usable from the sequences, accounts, and account details menus and through the app. As long as a sequence is active it can be applied to any contact if the user has proper permissions.