To enter the create template screen, navigate to the templates menu then press the +Template button.

Creating your template:

1. Give your template a unique name that you can identify later and recall for use in other parts of the system. 

2. Select the template type: email, SMS, Linked in, and Task

3. Determine if the template will be shared and how:

  • Depending on the permissions of your role you have three options 
    • My account only - only you can see and use the template
    • Others can view - Your template will be viable, usable but not editable by your team
    • Others can view and edit - Your template will be usable and shared for your entire team to be able to edit

4. If you wish to archive the template and have it stored but not immediately usable, click the check mark

Once you have selected a template type

1. Where applicable give your template a subject line

2. Fill the body of the template with the message you wish to convey or the action you wish to undertake.
3. Leverage variables in the body and subject to auto fill account information

4. Attach any relevant images or documents
5. Test the email/sms sending functionality on the right

6. Add any default recipients for tracking purposes

Once you are satisfied with your template click save to save your work and be automatically taken back to the templates page.

The template will automatically populate a preview on the right to illustrate how it will appear when you send it