How to share the template

Templates can be set to three types of sharing settings and are configurable in the edit and create template window. These settings are located in the sub-nav bar under the main nav.

In the drop-down titled "Share with Team" determine the permissions you wish to apply to the template. 

(Depending on the permissions of your role you have three options)

  • My account only
  • Others can view
  • Others can view and edit

Definitions of these options are:

My account only - the template will not be seen or be viewed by other team members within your organization, you will be the only team member who can view,edit and use the template until it is shared.

Others can view - team members can view and use the template

Other can view, use and edit -  The entire team will have access to edit, view and to use your template.

Note - permissions affect template settings may be defined by your admin.