Variables are an easy way to cut time out of your sales process and ensure high touch communication that stays personalized. A variable is a placeholder value that will automatically fill in with the account detail value when a message is sent.

How variables work

Lets say I want to send the same message message to 10 of my contacts. Writing a personalize message to all of those people is going to be time consuming if I want to use information about their company, user their name and other characteristics I have stored in their account details information.

With variables I can write one message.  That one message will automatically fill in items such as their {Name} / {Company name} / and other context relevant information based on other variables I put in my message. 

How to apply variables

To apply variables in a template move your cursor to the left side of the page and select the variable button under the body of the text editor. 

Click on the variable you wish to use such as company name and contact name. The variable will then be added as a {variable} into the body of the text editor. 

Variables can be used in both the subject line and body of the email.